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 Q: Can I export to formats other than .map, .vmf and .wmp?

 A: Yes, Since Convexity creates all of its objects as standard meshes, you can export to any format that 3ds max® or viz® can.

     Also Convexity is capable of having other custom MAXScript based exporters plugged into it so that it can use them automatically.


 Q: Can I open scenes created with Game Level Builder in Convexity?

 A: Yes, Convexity can load GLB2's and 3's .glf format.

     Use the Load button on Convexity's UI and then choose 'GLB 3 and older(*.GLf)' from the 'Files of Type' dropdown list.


 Q: Do other 3ds max® or viz® users need Convexity in order to view scenes created with it?

 A: No, you can save Convexity scenes to a standard .max file which can be opened by any other max or viz user.


 Q: Why should I use Convexity's .cvx format when I can save to a .max file?


 A: Convexity's .cvx format works cross-platform between almost all versions of 3ds max® and viz®.

     Therefore it is vary useful for sharing scenes with other Convexity users as it does not matter if they have the same max or viz version as you.

 Q: Where do I check for updates or upgrades for Convexity?


 A: If you have purchased a Maple3D product then you can check for updates and upgrades at the Maple3D eStore.

     Just log in to your account at the store to see upgrade options and go to the 'My Account' page to see the available updates.
      To download an update follow these steps:

  • Go the the Maple3d eStore at http://www.maple3d.com/estore

  • Click on the 'My Account' link and log in to the store.

  • Click the 'view' button next to your previous orders to display the info page on a product you purchased.

  • At the very bottom of the page there is a section called 'Update links' below this you will find your available updates.









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