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 Architectural Design Overview

For the first time it is viable for a person to make visualizations not only for major corporations, but also for the average home owner.





 Quickly create buildings for architectural visualizations.


With Convexity's powerful wall creation tools you can quickly create buildings, towns and vast city's.

Modify buildings easily with Convexity's advanced editing tools.

Create your own custom non-standard doors and windows by just drawing their shape on the side of a wall.

Improve your creative process.
 Not only will seeing your buildings in 3D be a benefit to your clients but it can also aid you in the design of your projects.


Create complicated curved roofs and vaulted ceilings using Convexity's wall conform tool.

Import 2D Autocad® plans and quickly turn them into 3D visualizations.  

   Convexity creates everything in game engine compatible pieces. Thus when your visualization is complete it will only take a few extra minutes to turn it into an interactive walkthrough.
    Virtual walkthroughs commonly use game engines. (For those who don't know, a game engine is a computer program which can display real-time 3D graphics. It also performs collision detection so players cannot walk through walls etc.)


 Easy to use and learn

Create buildings with ease by drawing out 2D floor plans which are automatically turned into 3D walls. 

Click objects such as doors, windows, arches and electrical sockets into the walls. Save objects as prefabs and click them in from a library.

 With Convexity's comprehensive set of video tutorials, you can start creating professional quality visualizations and game levels in a matter of minutes.

Create full 3D models of buildings in just a few hours.
Convexity will save you so much time when creating visualizations, movies or real-time 3D walkthroughs, that for these tasks, it is the one package you can't afford not to buy.


    To see Convexity in action, take a look at our free video tutorials.



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