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  Level Design Overview


Fastest convex solid geometry (CSG) modeler on the market.

   Let Convexity's unique convex decomposition algorithms do the hard work by quickly creating all objects in convex i.e. CSG (convex solid geometry) segments for compatibility with game engines. With Convexity there is no cutting of boxes from each other. Instead just draw walls and click in objects from a library. Easily create your own library objects with Convexity's Wall Side-view Editor.


Wireframe view of building above.
This clearly shows the convex construction.
Click on the image to see a larger version.



Castle in 3D Game Studio's WED editor.

Smooth workflow

Seamlessly integrates with 3ds max® and VIZ®.

   Saves time by doing everything required to make game levels and visualizations within the one package. Creates level geometry, lighting, textures and entities. Includes exporters to the Valve .map, .vmf formats and 3D Game Studio .wmp format. Can automatically run third party compile tools such as the Torque Engines Map2Dif compiler. 

 Pass data easily between different versions of 3ds max®, 3ds max Design® and viz® using the new .cvx format. For example, you can open scenes saved in max 2012, in older versions of max, max Design or VIZ.

   Share your custom made Library objects easily with other team members for quick joint creation of levels.


      To see Convexity in action, take a look at our free video tutorials.


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