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 Key features and benefits:




Key Features and benefits
  • Construct buildings with ease by drawing walls and clicking in doors and windows.


  • Draw on the sides of walls to form custom objects such as doors, windows, arches, cracks etc..

  • Create complex roofs easily using Convexity's wall conform tool.

  • Creates all objects as standard meshes, so all of 3ds max's or viz's modifiers and exporters can be used with them.

  • Floors and ceilings are created at the click of a button.


  • Prefabs. These pre-made objects such as furnishings etc. can be clicked in from a browser window which displays them as thumbnail images. Prefabs can be represented in different ways: Symbols, Game Compatible and High Detail, which can easily be switched between depending on the task.

  • Easily modify the shapes of rooms and walls with advanced wall editing tools.



  • Fastest convex solid geometry (CSG) modeler on the market.

  • Runs third party compile tools for game engines. Automatically runs Map2DifPlus for the Torque game engine.

  • Includes exporters for the .map, .vmf and 3D Game Studio A6/A7 (.wmp) formats. UVW Mapping is fully supported.


  • Custom file format opens new possibilities by allowing data to easily be passed between new and old versions of 3ds max®, 3ds max Design® or Viz®.


  • Smooth workflow. Produce professional levels or visualizations and bring them straight into a game engine without ever leaving the 3ds max® or viz® environment.


  • Advanced Configuration. Easily configure Convexity to work with different applications and share configurations with team members.

  • Isolation Manager. Easily Isolate areas of your scene to speed up viewport performance and manage large data sets.



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